Freddie Solmon, age 31, was
the oldest patient from Zimbabwe,
Africa having both a cleft lip and
palate that we have performed 
surgery. After completion of repair 
of both the deformity of his lip and
 palate, his girl friend decided that 
she wanted to marry him. He has
agreed to give his future mother-in-law
six cows for the wedding endowment.

Baby George became one of our poster pictures
Patients from Africa
This picture was painted by my dear friend Walter Krebs of Bend Oregon showing four giraffes standing in a savannah of grass near an acacia tree
Susan Chandra, age 12 years has an untreated left cleft lip.  This photo speaks of her withdrawn personality and she spoke only with her hand placed in front of her mouth. There are many such older children throughout the remote parts of Zambia that our organization is working on to care for these unfortunate children
One year later Susan was seen at our hospital and what a change she made, not only in her improved appearance but also her out-going-smile and personality.
     Lavender was also one of our poster patients. Children in the African culture are often named by
the mother at birth when she is inspired by some emotional feeling or memory. It is not unusal for first names to be Precious, Sunrise, Beauty or in one unusual name, God Only Knows.