Pictures of some of our patients representing both
                  the before and after views
         Children from Ecuador and Columbia
The above child came to us from Bogata, Columbia.
Edgar, a child with a bilateral cleft lip and his father who attended his baby, from Otavalo, Ecuador

Daniel Bayas Age 4 weeks
Daniel Bayas Age 2 years
Daniel, from Riobamba, Ecuador is the youngest child we ever operated upon for a cleft lip deformity
A preoperative and post operative
cleft palate child. A remarkable finding 
after following so many of our patients
for so many years is that as they get
older, they regard their palate repair more 
important because they are able to 
communicate in society, attend church 
and maintain a job.

Chimborazo, second tallest mountain in South America could be seen from our nearby Docente Hospital in Riobamba.  It is almost 20,000 feet high and is perpetually covered with glaciers during the entire year
     On the left is a 4 moth old baby with a
   bilateral cleft lip.  On the right is the same  
                      patient six years later.