The purpose and work of this foundation
The purpose of the JP Clawson Medical Mission Foundation is of a humanitarian nature
                                  Our Tax exempt ID is   80-0610282

Our specific work is that of doing facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, most of which is repairing facial cleft defect problems such as cleft lips and palates. Our past history includes doing 2300 surgeries in Ecuador during the past 26 years and 700 more surgeries in Africa and the Philippines totaling over 3000 patients.  All of our surgical care is given without charge to all of our patients.

In our past we have been instrumental in training many Ecuadorian doctors to do this surgery. In addition, we continue clinical nurses training programs for their nurses.  We
have worked with hospital administrators making suggestions for improved safety in their hospitals. Currently we are working more with US trained doctors to broaden our surgical staff for the future.

In the past we have also provided inspiration for the many peace corp volunteers in Ecuador who have worked with us, to go on to various medical vocations. So far eleven of these volunteers have become medical doctors as well as one more a medical illustrator and another an orthodontist.

Our mission group of volunteers each year has consisted of surgeons, operating room nurses, secretaries, anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists, a recovery room nurse and a floor nurse. The specific professional needs varies with each mission, depending on what is needed for any one given mission. Currently most of these countries are fairly well set up with hospital and staff so we bring only one nurse or one anesthesiologist. 

We have been well received in Ecuador, several Africa counties and the Philippines.  We have worked in Ecuador for the past 26 consecutive years.  We started in Africa in 2006 in Zimbabwe and worked there until 2010.  We then continued on in both Ethiopia and Zambia since 2011 and in 2013 started in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  The success of these missions has been due in large part by coordinating with local people in these countries to carry out local media campaigns. We started our mission work in the Philipines 2011. We will be doing our first mission in Cameroon in 2014.

To date I have done or been involved with 3000 surgeries during all these past 27 years.

Joseph Clawson MD President and Founder
JP Clawson Medical Missions Foundation

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